Our strengths are:

Full responsibility.
Just the right size.

We are an engineering workshop in Paakkila geared up for service!

The extensive range of know-how and machinery at Paakkilan Konepaja Oy allows for the manufacture of advanced products. But even more important is customer service. A vast experience and professionalism allows us to understand the needs of our customers thoroughly. An understanding of customers’ needs and passing on to our customers the financial benefits derived from an efficient manufacturing chain. Since 1996, our company has enjoyed the highest possible AAA credit rating.

Our greatest strength can be found in our motivated and skilled staff, who understand the inner workings of iron. We also recruit young people and train them to become specialists in their field. For example, we have invested in training for IWS welding coordinators, and in CNC training in cooperation with local vocational training institutions. We also take full responsibility for our own network of sub-contractors. We are a responsive family business and have the potential to modify our manufacturing machinery according to our customers’ requirements.

Well-organised logistics speed up every aspect of customer service. The expansion of our production facilities, completed in 2014, further accelerated in-house logistics.