Sheet metal work

The long experience of blowpipe cutting and modern blowpipe cutting machines enable good quality and efficient part production.
Blowpipe cutting table size 2000 x 12000mm. Edging 320T with compressive force and line laser to speed up settings.

Robotic welding with over 30 years of experience, multiple welding stations, all workstations are equipped with turntables.

Turn tables max. 2000kg items. In addition, multiple manual welding stations equipped with rotating tables.
In addition to these, also bevels, handling with 4-roller hydraulic plate bending machine and stress relief annealing max. 2000x2000x3000mm.


We specialize in medium to heavy, demanding CNC-machining. Our machinery consists mainly of horizontal cnc centers.
Most and best suited items for machinery are in the size range of 1-3000kg. Pallet sizes of horizontal cnc centers;
500mm, 630mm, 800mm, 1000mm ja with CNC-turning machine pallet 2000x1800mm.

Max. the size of the item to be machined X-4000 Y/Z-2000mm for 15T table.
CNC-turning Ø770 L-2155

Finishing and assembly

The finishing takes place under the same roof. The finishing line includes washing and Fe-phosphating, drying, blasting, powder or wet painting.
Wet painting 8 x 12m allows larger pieces to be handled.

The two-component machine ensures the right mixing ratio and high-quality result.

In addition, galvanizing, nitriding, pickling through a subcontracting network.

Quality assurance

Welding will be performed according to ISO3834-2. We also have IWS qualifications.

In finishing, visual inspection and Ra-measurements.

For machining, in addition to traditional methods, tolerances can be verified at MMZ-G 20 20 20 with a 3D-measuring machine, measuring range X-2000mm Y-3000mm Z-2000mm.
Precision MPE_E = (2,8 + L/400<12)µm MPE_P = 2,8 µm.

NDT verifications