Our values are:


we keep to the principle of sustainable development!

Operations at Paakkilan Konepaja Oy, a family business founded in 1978, are based on long-term customer relationships, several of which have progressed to the partnership level. The company’s strength lies in a fast and on-schedule production process undertaken at the company’s own premises. from the initial processing of materials to component assembly and testing.

For more than four decades, we have been investing in to the latest technology and developing production methods. As far back as 1988 we adopted robot welding stations, being one of the first sub-contractors to do so. Our investment in gas and plasma cutting, CNC-edging, robotised welding stations, horizontal CNC-mechanisation centres and finishing lines, allows for quick manufacturing turnaround from start to finish. With the Zeiss MMZG 20/30/20 3D-measuring machine we ensure the verification of the required tolerances. We operate cost-efficiently in our own manufacturing workshop covering 4000 m2 and located within easy reach, half-way between Kuopio and Joensuu, close to the Outokumpu Industrial Centre.

We have won a number of awards, such as the Provincial Business Award (1986), Sub-contractor of the Year (Finnish Logistics Association, 1997), and Best of the Province 2007 (Finnish Customer Statistics 2007). The Kuopio Craft and Factory Association awarded the founders of Paakkila Konepaja Kalervo and Taija Huhtinen the honorary bourgeois 2015.